My name is Patricia Dallmann, and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I became a Quaker in my mid-30s, and have been ministering the gospel since that time, primarily in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and in Europe.  For nearly three decades, I was active in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and worked with New Foundation Fellowship, where, among other activities, I edited Quaker publications. I’ve written two books: (1) The Word Within: Essays on Prophetic Quaker Faith (available through Barclay Press), and (2) The Way of Truth (publication expected in early 2023). My life is centered in Christ Jesus, the Light of the world.

2 Responses to About

  1. Cornelia Ruff says:

    Dear Patricia,
    I discovered your blog while I was working today. I am eager to spend some time reading more of what you have written. I think of you so often and would love an opportunity to have a conversation with you the next time I am in Philadelphia. Or if you should come to the San Francisco area, perhaps we could meet. I would love to hear the story of your journey.

    With deep respect,


  2. Dear Cornelia,

    I’m so glad that you’ve written! I think of you often, too, and hope that we can get together some time soon. If you’d like, you can leave your email address on the “To Contact” form, and it will be available only to me. I’ll then get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing some adventures and discoveries of the decades through which we’ve each since passed.

    With friendship,


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