Approaches to Ministry

The evening of November 15th, seven Friends met via Zoom to participate in a New Foundation Fellowship study group. We read and discussed the final section of George Fox’s Epistle 38, which can be found on pages 46—48 of volume 7 of The Works of George Fox (1831).

In these few pages, Fox challenges the unrighteous teachers of his time and their enablers by censuring them with language drawn from prophecy recorded in Scripture. Our discussion of Fox’s method and intent begins at 9:30 in the recording, and thereafter we move into the more general topic of present-day ministry: the circumstances in which we work and some particular attitudes and approaches that have been found to be beneficial.

Though the “letter” of Fox’s approach cannot – nor should not – be replicated today, the impetus for his ministry, the guiding Spirit of Christ Within, remains unchanged throughout every age.

The recording has been edited to minimize the time between speakers, and is close to 47 minutes long. 

NFF Fox epistle study

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